Options for Remote Access Solutions

Once you’ve determined your goals, user requirements, and budget for a remote access solution (checklist), let’s consider some of the current options for remote access solutions:

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    • Low cost to deploy, since it can typically be done with with an appliance on the edge of the network
    • Provides secure access to files
    • Typically, VPN access is slow, since the entire file must be downloaded to the local machine to work on it
  2. Windows Terminal Server
    • Medium cost to deploy
    • Provides secure remote session as if you were at the office
    • Can support multiple users on the server at one time
    • Allows the use of thin client terminals instead of PCs
  3. Citrix Access Gateway for Networks
    • Highest cost to deploy
    • Provides all the same benefits as Terminal Server
    • Adds capability to run on more client operating systems (beyond Windows)
    • Adds capability to manage multiple servers at once for larger deployments

Next Steps:

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