Remote Access Solution Pre-Implementation Checklist

When you begin to review options for providing your user community with remote access to network applications and data, take a moment to consider the following factors in your decision:

  1. What are your goals?
    • How will implementing a remote access solution improve your current delivery of technology to end users?
    • What specific uses will be made of the system?
    • How will the community benefit as a whole?
  2. Who needs access to what?
    • What applications do you want to make accessible? (Don’t forget about phone system access!)
    • Do you need varying levels of security for different types of users?
    • Is 24×7 access critical, or should your solution be geared toward peak access times?
    • Do you need to connect remotely from multiple locations on one site, or mainly from off-site locations?
    • Is access from mobile devices (such as smartphones) required, or only from desktops/thin clients?
  3. What fits your budget?
    • Your ideal solution will differ depending on whether your goal is keeping costs down or easily managing a complex environment. ASC Group implements a variety of solutions to meet different budget levels.

  4. What resources will you utilize to support remote access?
    • Do you have enough IT staff to manage remote access system maintenance and troubleshooting? Outsourcing this support may be a good option.
    • In your area, do users have easy access to an Internet connection when not on site?
    • Are users provided with laptops for remote access, or will they use their own laptops/PCs to connect?
  5. Do you have a strategic plan for implementing a remote access solution?
  6. Just like any other project, a remote access solution should have a project plan, objectives, and timelines.