COVID – 19

Cybercrime has exploded in the last several weeks since measures to limit COVID-19 rapidly expanded the “corporate workplace” to thousands of home offices across our area. Criminals of all stripes are preying on unsuspecting folk who are doing the best they can to carry on their jobs from home offices. In fact, the threats are evolving so rapidly that new words have been created to describe ways criminals seek to take advantage (eg. “Zoom-bombing”). ASC Group is helping organizations of all varieties to deploy secure work-at-home for protection from cybercrime and unintended exposure of valuable information.

By all appearances, remote workplaces will remain an enduring part of the business landscape long past the current emergency. Evildoers, though, are evolving ways to compromise networks of all sizes, taking advantage of teleworkers who lack proper security measures on their home networks and computers.

ASC Group leverages its 20 years of experience to enable companies of all sizes rapidly deploy secure connections to office computers, protecting business-owned or personal computers with the tools required to protect against evolving cyber threats, and providing expert assistance with the now-common tools of virtual meetings, secure file-sharing, and internet-connected telephone systems.

Jay Street, an active Chamber volunteer, is available by Zoom or phone to help you with technology questions for doing business successfully, safely, and securely (eg. VPN setup, Zoom video conferencing, Secure File Sharing, etc.). Email (, or schedule a phone appointment or call him at 770-926-5984.

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