E-mail Solutions

ASC Group’s solutions for email messaging include two critical areas: Spam and Virus Protection and Secure Hosted Exchange solutions.

Spam and Virus Protection

Stop spam, phishing, scams, viruses and other Internet pollution from impacting your e-mail operations with spam and virus protection services from ASC Group. This is a fully managed e-mail protection service, which eliminates up to 99% of unwanted e-mail before reaching a user’s network. Benefits include:

  • Real-time protection from today’s IT threats
  • No hardware or software required
  • Inbound and outbound e-mail protection
  • Daily Held Mail Reports
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Eliminates 99% of Unwanted Email

Secure Hosted Exchange Solutions

For organizations with 25 or fewer users, it may make sense to outsource your Exchange email server, rather than hosting an onsite server for email messaging. ASC Group’s hosted Exchange service includes:

  • Unlimited Mailbox Storage*
  • Spam and Virus Protection
  • Mobile Device Synchronization
  • Archiving & Compliance

*Unlimited mailbox storage means that your organization doesn’t need to manage user quotas or be concerned about billing surprises because of increased email activity. This does not mean that using Microsoft’s Outlook and Exchange 2007 and up will work with an infinitely large email box – there are practical limits to how large a mailbox can be before performance becomes unacceptable.

To learn more about ASC Group’s solutions for secure messaging, contact us today.