12 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner Must Know
About Data Backup, Security
And Disaster Recovery

If you are a business owner on tape drives, external hard drives or USB devices to backup your data, then it’s critical for you to get and read this informative white paper. You’ll learn what most IT consultants don’t know or won’t tell you about making sure your company’s critical data is safe from loss, corruption, cyber criminals, natural disasters and employee sabotage, in addition to:

  • The only way to know for SURE your data can be recovered if lost, corrupted or deleted – yet fewer than 10% of businesses have this in place
  • 7 critical characteristics you should absolutely demand from any offsite backup service; do NOT trust your data to any company that does not meet these criteria.
  • Where tape backups fail and give you a false sense of security.
  • The #1 cause of data loss that most businesses don’t even think about until their data is erased.

"Effective Service At A Reasonable Price"

“My practice had experienced multiple IT issues with our previous IT provider, including poor service, inefficient hardware/software, questionable IT recommendations and lax backup protocols. I thought we could deal with all those issues because their service was 'cost effective.' Then, as a direct result of our IT provider, we experienced a security issue. I realized cost effective does not equate to the cheapest service but to effective service at a reasonable price. You get what you pay for!"

Dr. Glyn Lewis,
Marietta Podiatry

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