Basic Emergency Planning

BCDR - Business Continuity Disaster Recovery acronym, business concept on blackboard

Planning to increase remote access during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Social Distancing / Avoidance Period?

The following planning needs to take place:

  • Define necessary staff levels for critical business processes
  • Identify who can work remotely and who must be in the office
  • Identify the lights out processing issues for computer operations staff
  • Identify the network and remote access capacity requirements - what percent of workers do you need to be on the system for the enterprise to continue to operate
  • Put in place process for the synchronization of OS system patches and VPN updates.
  • Define specific requirements for security when the disaster plan is activated.
  • Define change management and version control processes to be used and how they will be controlled during the pandemic.
  • Train and test users and IT staff in how to operate from remote locations
    • Require key employees to work from remote site at least once a month
    • Validate broadband capacity to remote sites (home users)
    • Have copies of disaster plan available in remote site