Cyber Sentinel Episode 002: The Mueller Report

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So the big news recently is the Mueller Report came out of Washington. There's a whole lot of technical jargon in that report and we're going to discuss some of those items today on Cyber Sentinel. Hello this is Alan Adcock I'm CEO of ASC Group here in Atlanta Georgia. Today on Cyber Sentinel we're gonna be talking about the Mueller Report. Big topic in news recently.... there's a lot of technical jargon in that report and we're gonna go over some of those items in case you may not know be familiar with what those are in this episode of cyber Sentinel. If you have other questions that you want us to address on Cyber Sentinel please reach out to us on social media at #CyberSentinel what is Spearphishing? So spearphishing appears in the Mueller report eleven times. spearphishing is a form of a phishing attack. Phishing is an email type of attack where people will send you a message that is designed to deceive you into clicking links or downloading attachments attached to that email. Spear phishing is a form of that attack that is highly targeted at you. Specifically so they will monitor your email traffic everything you send via email is unencrypted across the internet and anybody can read it. Just keep that in mind. And so in this case the perpetrator is going to be watching your email traffic and seeing who you correspond to with on a regular basis. And they're gonna craft a message that looks like somebody you usually communicate with and try to convince you to click on those links.