ASC group is my choice for an IT company, and I would recommend them to anyone that desires state of the art IT service. My company had experienced multiple IT issues with our previous IT provider. Poor service, inefficient hardware/software, questionable IT recommendations and lax backup protocols. I thought we could deal with all those issues because their service was “cost effective.” Then, as a direct result of our IT provider we experienced a very troubling security issue. That’s when we called ASC Group. After several months of dealing with that nightmare they finally helped us resolve the issue. I realized cost effective does not equate to the cheapest service but to effective service at a reasonable price. You get what you pay for!

Dr. Glyn Lewis Physician
Marietta Podiatry Group

Knowing that the ASC Group is Watching Out for Us Allows Me To Sleep Easier at Night! ASC Group provides the personal touch and professional services that have impressed my entire staff many times over the past few years. ASC Group also provides peace of mind in that they provide continual monitoring of our IT system. They have protocols in place that serve as an effective defense against cyber hackers, viruses, malware, spam and data breaches that are all too common in today’s world. Knowing that they are watching out for us allows me to sleep easier at night!

Cody Chesneau Operations Manager
Fuel Quality Services

Unlike other technology services providers, ASC Group is very responsive. When we have a problem with our servers, network, or phones we can typically place a service call and speak with a technician immediately. The technician will remote into our system to see what is going on and most of the time, can repair the problem immediately, minimizing our downtime. ASC Group is easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the latest technology. I am very pleased with the service and performance that we have received from ASC Group over the years.

Jason Massie Founder / President
MASSIE R&D Tax Credits